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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]Thank you for paying an online visit to our balloon company. So, you are interested in ballooning. That is great, so are we and we are happy to show you why flying a balloon is such a wonderful adventure.

Let us take you with our balloon into the remarkable world of ballooning. Discover the mistery of balloon flights; the oldest and most romantic form of aviation. Experience how time stands still while cities and rural areas gently pass beneath you. Ballooning is a beautiful experience that you will never forget. Overcome you fears, step inside the balloon basket and get ready for an unforgettable experience. In a balloon you will not feel any sensation of height as you are detached from the ground. We hope to welcome you on board soon.

Since 1984 Sky Ballonvaarten is specialized in organizing balloon flights for companies and consumers. Yearly we take up over 7.000 passengers for a balloon ride. We make sure that you will optimally enjoy your balloon flight. We take time to answer your questions and are very happy to tell you more about the magical world of ballooning. We enjoy when you are enjoying. Let us now shortly describe what you are going to experience.

The preparations

In case you have chosen for an evening balloon flight, we come together at the take off location about 2,5 hours before sunset. Morning flights start at the moment that the sun rises. The exact time and location will be confirmed to you in the early afternoon before the flight.

At the take off location you will meet your pilot and ground crew team. The pilot will explain to you what is going to happen and will give you a full passenger briefing. No worries, as you are only expected to stay in the basket and bend your knees and hold yourself during landing. Our balloon pilots have been selected on social skills, pilot experience and professionalism. You can be sure that your can trust your pilot 100%.

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After the landing instruction you can help the balloon team with laying out the balloon on the gras. You will be amazed about the huge amount of fabric and the height and width of the balloon. After cold inflation of the balloon through the use of a ventilator the pilot ignites the burners and starts heating the balloon. Slowly and gracefully the balloon starts to rise up. The pilot will ask you to enter the basket and then your balloon adventure is about to start.

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The balloon flights

Slowly you will rise from the take off field. This is a remarkable moment as this ascent feels surreal. It is actually happening; you are inside and you are flying a balloon. You wave goodbye to the ground team and potentially your supporters who get smaller every second. The pilot controls the balloon to higher altitudes; altitudes that the pilot can control in centimetres. The direction and speed are both determined by the wind. You calmly look around you and you will recognize roads, forests and buildings. You might even see your own house or company in case you have taken off next to it or the wind direction takes you to it. Below us you will discover the ground team that follows the balloon on sight, with maps and radio connection. In any case you will enjoy the surreal tranquillity and wonderful views.

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When the weather conditions and flight direction allow it, you will make a 1 hour flight. To direct towards a landing field the pilot uses wind directions on several altitudes. You will be surprised about the skills of the pilot manoeuvring the balloon in meters over trees, houses and creeks. Then you will land regularly somewhere in a farmer’s field. Hold on as instructed and you will be back on the ground. Most likely you will exit the basket with a big smile on your face, full of anxiety of what you just have experienced.

The landing and after

Within short time after landing the chase car and trailer will arrive at the landing field. After the balloon has been packed in about 15 minutes the champaign bottles will be opened and we will raise our glasses to a successful flight. According to a more than 230 year old ballooning ritual you will be baptised into nobility and from that moment on you can call yourself Count or Countess of the place we landed in. This title will be mentioned on your commemorative certificate that you receive after the flight. We then drive back to the take off field where we will see our goodbyes to you. The total program takes about 3,5 hours.

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Complete ballooning package

We organize a complete and enjoyable ballooning program for you as we want you to look back on your balloon adventure with great satisfaction. Our balloon flights are inclusive:

  • A wonderful balloon flight with an average of 1 hour;
  • Refreshment during the balloon flight;
  • Traditional champaign ceremony after the flight;
  • A personal commemorative certicate;
  • A professional and enthusiastic guidance;
  • Transport over the road back to the take off field;
  • Full passenger insurance (comparable to insurance of airliners);
  • Qualified and licensed pilots and crew;
  • Free sending of the tickets to your house or company;
  • Your tickets can be freely transferred to other people;
  • Reservation and administration costs;
  • VAT;
  • A lot of fun and excitement.

We hope to welcome you on board soon…!

Would you like more information? Please email to info@skyballonvaarten.nl or call free of charge 0800-5111.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]